Links, Hucksters, and What’s Next

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of marketing, communications, and social media…stuff? Join the club, bub. Here’s some advice. Yesterday, I was minding my business here on the Internet, making things happen, when I received an email that told me I had a new comment on one of my sites. It was interesting in […]

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What IS Area 224?

Believe it or not, we get the question all the time. As we near the anniversary (ahem, 02.24.09) of the firm’s founding, maybe we should explain how we got the name? Simply, 224 is an area code here in the North Suburbs of Chicago. It’s an overlay area code – but it’s not just for […]

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In Defense of the People Who Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is

Paul McCartney

I was going to call this “an open letter to…” but then I realized that I hate “open letters.” Anyway, let’s calm down for half a second. First, the background on this little Internet kerfuffle. Kanye West recorded a song with Paul McCartney. To be fair to both, and to you, our readers, I have […]

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Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook Logo

Hi, Gentle Readers. We’re busy working on a couple other sites here at HQ. And, on one of them, we dig deep – really deep – on the “Should I Advertise on Facebook?” question. This originally appeared over at We thought it might be more a propos for the readership here, so we’re sharing. […]

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How to Write a “What [EVENT] Can Teach Us About [DISCIPLINE]” Blog Post

Zimbabwe Dollars

In a past life, I was a blogger. I mean, a regular blogger who would write all sorts of posts and hope to get page views and, in turn, sell something. I still do that sort of work, with a bit of a different spin these days, but have decided to let others take the […]

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