What IS Area 224?

Believe it or not, we get the question all the time. As we near the anniversary (ahem, 02.24.09) of the firm’s founding, maybe we should explain how we got the name?

Simply, 224 is an area code here in the North Suburbs of Chicago. It’s an overlay area code – but it’s not just for mobile phones. The story goes that this part of town ran out of numbers quickly when 847 – which equates to “VIP” on the letters on the phone, look it up – was created. So 224 was ¬†launched, but not used all that often.


Random checkmark because why not?

More to the point here, we made a call once to a neighbor, from our own 224 number, and they asked if we were in Texas on business. No…

This got me thinking that part of my job – at the intersection of digital and traditional communications, social and mobile, PR and marketing – is to demystify concepts. “Area 224″ sounds mysterious. Reality: not that mysterious.

Same with communicating your message. Don’t overthink it.

We’ve launched and relaunched a couple times, had a few changes to the website, had to deal with a tech issue here and there. And we don’t blog like we used to…but that’s okay, since we’re working.

What IS Area 224?

So yeah, here we are – Area 224 is an integrated marketing communications firm that can work with you to help you better connect to stakeholders, better get your messages across, and better impact the bottom line.

Thanks for stopping by. Spin through the blog posts and let us know if we can help.

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