Gurus, Rockstars and Ninjas are Giving Away Information…

So Why Does Area 224 Want to Charge You for Our Webinars?

I’m here with a confession about the information product industry. You can get boatloads of stuff for free. In fact, with the onslaught of Social Media Ninjas, Gurus and Rockstars, all you have to do is pull out the trusty Google machine and probably find a whole bunch of content in a span of about five seconds.

But there’s a difference between free content, thrown together for the sake of speed, and good, quality, information (TRAINING) you can use to get better at your job, to grow your business, to make more money. Enter Area 224…

Here's Dave from Area 224

In fact…

I’m going to guess that you are in one of three situations. (1) You are stuck in a dead-end job, you can’t move up, and you need to make a plan to get you “unstuck.” (2) You left the shackles of the Corporate world long ago, and now you’re doing your own thing. But, again, it hasn’t moved quickly enough for you, or you haven’t made enough money to make it worth your while. OR (3) You are floating around – maybe working, maybe freelancing, maybe not…and you’re trying to figure out where to go next.

So, if you see yourself in any of 1, 2, 3, or a combination of them – keep reading. (If not…good for you. Go celebrate with a latte or a walk in the park. Hug your kid, pet your dog, watch kitty videos on the Internet. This training program isn’t for you.)

Seriously Valuable, Laser-Focused Training at an Affordable Price – for Any Budget

Here’s what we’re up to at Area 224 in the month of March. It’s a complete training program called “FORWARD:MARCH” and there’s a high-touch, one-on-one and group mentoring program that is, frankly, more expensive (because your time is valuable, my time is valuable, and individualized coaching is pretty pricey – worth it, mind you, but pretty pricey). 

Part of that high-touch program includes a series of webinars on what people in those three categories above need to know about.

Now, we know not everyone can afford a high-touch consulting program – so we’ve packaged all five webinars into one bundle. And we’re giving you the chance to nab that bundle on this page.

Bundle of Webinars – 5 in all – Plus Guidebooks

Arrow - Hand Drawn BlueLet me be clear: these are NOT just Social Media webinars. These are NOT just Marketing webinars. This is a whole course – 5 hours of audio material, plus slide shows, plus guidebooks. All delivered electronically. And all designed to help you take your business FORWARD in the month of MARCH.

The goal of all these webinar is that, when wrapped into a package, you will not only learn a ton – you will have the action steps necessary to make things happen. TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Here’s the Webinar lineup:

  • Webinar 1: Getting Started on WordPress. There’s a reason why super large brands down to mom-and-pop shops are moving their entire websites over to WordPress. (Actually, there are TONS of reasons – flexibility, scalability, ease of use…those sorts of things.) But how do you get started? We’ll show ya. March 6, 2ET/1CT/12MT/11PT.
  • Webinar 2: Creating a Unique Selling Proposition. There’s got to be something about your business that makes you unique. Or your company or department – why the heck are you doing what you’re doing? And why would anyone want to buy from you? That’s what we’ll talk about in this USP discussion. March 8, 2ET/1CT/12MT/11PT.
  • Webinar 3: Using Social Media to (Re)Launch Your Business. We’re going at the whole Social Media thing from a different angle: rather than starting you down the path of “get on Twitter” or “get on Facebook…” we’re actually going to use the USP discussion in Webinar 2 to help you put the pieces in place to launch, relaunch, or hyper-focus your current business on social media. March 13, 2ET/1CT/12MT/11PT.
  • Webinar 4: Personal Branding Powerhouses & What to Learn from Them. Didn’t know you had a personal brand, did you? Well, we’ll debunk the myths behind personal brands and personal branding, and we’ll show you how some of the powerhouses do it – with a special focus on building momentum with your own personal brand. March 20, 2ET/1CT/12MT/11PT.
  • Webinar 5: How to Think Strategically in Your Business. There’s a big difference between strategy and tactics. And there needs to be an objective. AND…well, if you bungle it all, you’re likely headed down the wrong path. We’ll wrap up the five webinar series with everything you need to know about thinking strategically in your business. March 27, 2ET/1CT/12MT/11PT.

What we think is great about this whole bundle is how, when you put all five of the webinars together, plus the guidebooks, you will have a much clearer picture of where you need to take things in 2012. And beyond.

But you’re probably wondering…How much does all this cost?

Some Webinar Providers Do Charge Hundreds…

In fact, we’ve seen single webinars priced at $499. Seriously. But we’re not charging thousands for our 5-Webinar Package.

However, We Deliver Much More Value…

In fact, we get you a one-pager for each webinar that includes “5 Things to Tell the Boss.” Imagine how confident you’ll feel in your investment when you can deliver the key points back to management – and, if you’re your own boss, if you have a how-to guide to refer to time and time again!

The Value of This Package?

Yes, you can buy individual webinar seat licenses. They’re $49 each. We think THAT’S a steal.

The 5 Pack Is the Best Value

Five times $49 is $245. So yes, we could charge $245 for this package. But we won’t…here’s the deal:


Here are those webinar titles again:

Arrow - Blue

Getting Started on WordPress – Creating a Unique Selling Proposition

Using Social Media to (Re)launch Your Business – Personal Branding Powerhouses & What to Learn from Them

How to Think Strategically in Your Business


That’s right, you get the audio link – so you can participate in the webinar whenever you want:

 Arrow - Blue

Listen at work

Listen at home

Listen over and over again


Not just webinars, but jam-packed information that goes with:

Arrow - Blue

Each webinar includes a guidebook that tells you everything about that topic

The “5 Things to Tell the Boss” sheet breaks down the key learnings

And the Get Started Q&A puts you in the right frame of mind before you start

“A Tremendous Value”

“With these webinars, Dave will spend the Month of March giving you what you need to get laser-focused in this economy – and get you ready to take your business, whatever it is, to the next level. This whole package is a tremendous value!” Terri Armstrong, Certified Nutrition Consultant,

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All 5 Webinars For…

Get them all for $129.

How to Sign Up

To sign up, all you need to do is click on the Add to Cart button. You’ll be taken to the Eventbrite page, and you can sign up and get all your instructions there.

Add To Cart - Button OrangeP.S.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn BlueIn case you’re wondering, of course we guarantee your satisfaction.

And here’s how: if you sign up for the Webinar series and, after listening to the first one you aren’t totally satisfied, we’ll refund your money.

We think you’re going to get tremendous value from this program – and we can’t wait to have you join us!

FORWARD:MARCH is an Area 224 production. (c) 2012, Area 224.

No claims are made as to the success you’ll get from this program – it’s up to you whether you implement the instruction from this program.