The Dreaded Budgetary Approval Process

(Or, Here's Why We Dropped the Price of our FORWARD:MARCH Coaching Program)

I remember it extremely well. The year was 1998, I was in Minneapolis on business, and, as it turns out, I was sent as a scapegoat.

Dave from Area 224

Here's Dave from Area 224

The not-for-profit I worked for was in a complete bind and they owed one of their chapters $3000 for an event that the chapter had put on. Remember that figure – $3000 – because it factors into this story, and is a rather important element. That figure again is $3000.

I knew what I was getting into, and I also knew that there was going to be a problem.

Like just about any other not-for-profit on the planet, the largest check we could write was $999.

Our office owed this other office $3000, but we didn’t have the approval to pay them back – because our organization’s by-laws prohibited any one check in the amount of $1000 from being written to any one entity without approval from the Board of Directors.

I’ll tell you about the solution in a few moments –  it was clever, yet obvious – but that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because, well…your budget has its own limits.

BUT…I bet you DO have a business to run, and objectives to meet!

Flash forward a few more years, and I’m running a business that works with not-for-profits – we sold into not-for-profits but we needed to make a buck – and we had a “subscription service” that we launched, and it had a pretty high price tag. (But not TOO high, right?) Because we knew about the typical not-for-profit check-writing privileges, we came up with a price that was budget-friendly and wouldn’t make our customers have to get dozens of signatures.

That price? $997. We got customers quickly because they could sign up without having to get a VP to sign off on everything.

It was the ultimate win-win. We were able to pay our bills, and our customers could subscribe to our service – and they had already fought for budget approval for discretionary items, and they could spend under $1000. We gave them something of tremendous value, they paid us – and everyone was happy.

So…well, let’s just say that we’ve learned about pricing and budgets and what makes sense – especially in this new economy. Before we get at the new price (and tell you how we solved that Minneapolis problem) let’s give you a little sneak peek of this FORWARD:MARCH program.

Why Dave from Area 224 is the guy to help you in March 2012

FORWARD:MARCH is a unique program – it’s not just a consulting program, it’s not just a WordPress kickstart program. It’s not just a writing, editing, marketing course. And it sure isn’t just a social media course. (In fact, if you just want a Social Media Course, call me, and I’ll put you in touch with someone. That’s not what this is about.)

FORWARD:MARCH puts your business through its paces, and here’s how we’ll do it:

  • We start with the Diagnostic Questionnaire. We ask you where you are, where you’re going, and your plans to get there. This is a vital first step: we need to know what is getting you stuck, and how to best help you move forward.
  • We use that Diagnostic Questionnaire to prepare for the highly intensive kick-off session: you, Dave and the other nine participants in the program. No holds barred, 90 minutes, live and interactive. PLUS – this is important, too – all materials are held in the strictest confidence: all participants sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before we get started. March 5 at 9 a.m. Central (NOTE THE NEW DATE!) is when this online session takes place. (Already booked then? No worries – we’re recording it, too.)
  • We’re not done with the kick-off session: in fact, our work together is just beginning, as we will schedule two one-on-one calls with each other during this program. These hour-long sessions use the Diagnostic Questionnaire to design your Road Map for business success. The first one takes place during the first week of the program, and the second one takes place two weeks later. They’re both recorded, too, and all the notes are yours.
  • Did we mention you need to do some work here, too? The Diagnostic Questionnaire leads to the Road Map, and your Road Map is customized just for you and your business. You will have assignments to complete as part of the Road Map, and we’ll keep you on task in our own private FORWARD:MARCH client site.
  • AND we will have 5 webinars during the program – you get access to all of them – and each one walks you through a specific business-building tactic. Getting started on WordPressCreating a Unique Selling PropositionUsing Social Media to Relaunch Your BusinessHow to Think StrategicallyPersonal Branding Powerhouses and What to Learn from Them…these are the webinars that others will pay separately for. Not you – they’re part of the FORWARD:MARCH program.
  • Throughout the program, you’ll get introduced to some folks we’ve worked with in the past – some great guest interviews that will give you even more of the outside perspective that’s so vital.
  • Finally…you will get the complete Area 224 FORWARD:MARCH Workbook – with everything you need to move from Point A to Point Z!

Before we tell you how much and let you know how to get started…here’s a testimonial from one of our pals in the business world, Gary Unger (“Creative Genius”):

“This Program is Jam-Packed…

“An outside perspective is so important, and Dave is just the guy to keep you from getting stuck – and keep your business moving forward.” – Gary Unger, Author, How to Be A Creative Genius (in Five Minutes or Less)

Separately priced, you’re looking at $10,000 or more

Don’t think we just pulled that figure out of a hat: Dave charges a day rate of $5000 to go in to companies and help them re-center their business processes for maximum effect. Coaching sessions run $500 an hour. Webinars – Dave has done 35 of them since 2008 – have an average price per person of $95. Custom consulting projects – where we find out where your business is, find out where you want to take it, and work with you to help you get there – start at $2500.


I’m going to spend the whole month of March giving you exactly what you need to keep your business moving. This program is a tremendous value.

But wait…who is this for?

Okay, we know you want to get to the price, but, before we do, you are probably wondering just who this FORWARD:MARCH program is for. Well…

First of all, who it IS for:

If you are someone who wants to grow his business, someone who…

  • Owns your own insurance agency, handyman service, real estate firm, law office, specialized consulting practice, OR…
  • You have a restaurant, shop, storefront, boutique – anything with customers walking in and out, or picking up the phone, OR…
  • You have a business – or a department in a business – or a firm that you sold to someone – and you need to grow, or you’re stuck, or you have vexing business problems that can’t be solved overnight.

Don’t sign up, though, if

Seriously, we don’t want to work with you if you’re…

  • Someone who wants a get rich quick scheme OR…
  • Someone who is looking for easy answers OR…
  • Someone who isn’t ready to put in the work.

Okay, I think this might be right for me…but how much?

We told you how much value we jam-packed into this program, and we told you why it might make sense for you. We even gave you a few reasons why it might not make sense for you.

Before we get there, though, we have to stress that this is an intensive program. There is actual work involved on your part. There is actual work involved on MY PART. And I’m sharing not just my passion for business, for helping your business, for marketing, and for getting you unstuck – I’m planning on hustling in the month of March like I’ve never hustled before. To help you take your own business…as they say…to the next level.

How Much For All This?

When you hear the price, you may darn near fall out of your chair, expecting there to be another zero on the end…

Order Now - Button Blue

The New Price: $997

It’s very simple for you to order this package – all you need to do is click on the button below and you’re going to go straight to the PayPal page. Then all you have to do is make one payment of $997.

We told you it was an intensive program – and it’s not a cookie-cutter approach to business building – just like your own business is not a cookie-cutter approach to business.

The value of this program? Well, since we’re only taking 10 people, the individualized attention ALONE is worth thousands ($2,500 on up for monthly consulting). The coaching sessions? There’s another $1,000. The group sessions – those are another $500. Five webinars at $95 each – $495. All told – at least $4,495 in services.

We only have 7 slots remaining. Secure yours today…

This is a coaching and consulting package, so guarantees need to be a little different – but we want to make sure that you’re getting a tremendous value and that you are completely satisfied. BUT, we also want you to be committed to putting in the work.

So we have a one-two guarantee:

  1. If at any time during the first five days of the program you are not completely satisfied, we will return your money no questions asked…
  2. AND, if you complete the program, take the necessary action in your business – that means you put in the work, not just pay lip service – and you are not seeing results, we’ll refund your money (keeping $497 for our cost of creating your materials).
Here’s that button again – it’s really tough for you to lose if you want to FORWARD:MARCH your business in the weeks to come!


How DID we solve the “Minneapolis Problem?” Four checks. Each one was $750. Didn’t violate the bylaws, and made the folks up there happy, too.