Coaching is a Bunch of BS

(Here's why you should hire me as your coach anyway)

Dave Van de Walle

Dave Van de Walle, Marketing Coach

I’ll admit to being skeptical as heck about this coaching stuff. Yes, I, too, thought it was all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Yes, I thought that I could figure it all out myself.

Guess What? I couldn’t. I needed the outside perspective of someone who had been there, someone who knew the ropes.

Waiting to hire a coach cost me money and time.

So, it’s not a bunch of BS…if it’s done right. In my case, my coach was a dynamite Board of Advisors person who had built startups into real businesses, raised cash for real businesses, and knew what to spend and when – which is super-vital in any cash-strapped enterprise.

The notes from our sessions filled notebooks. The time spent was invaluable. But it wasn’t just the learning – it was the methodology, the though process, the goal-setting. Everything. It was well worth it.

Flash forward a couple years. I’m doing fine as a marketing consultant and product launch executive – I’m a “hired gun” of sorts, stepping in on stealth assignments, working with brands you have heard of, and launching products and services (last year’s 12 Minute Marketing a prime example). This demand is great – and I’m gearing up for my next assignment, which gets rolling in May.

I want to share my knowledge with you – as your Marketing Coach

So, to be direct, I don’t think Coaching is a Bunch of BS. I needed to get your attention with the title – and I’m glad that worked. Now, if you’re still reading, it’s time to talk about why the right kind of Marketing Coachme – can help you and why the right time is…well…now.

April is actually a great month to take stock. Why? Spring is in the air, it’s the start of the 2nd Quarter for businesses – and, for some companies, panic starts to set in.

Wait, PANIC? Yes. Panic. Think about this: you’ve got a sales goal for your company of a million dollars. You’re 1/4 into the year. You should be at…well, $250,000. Right? What if you’re not. What if you’re behind. What if you’re WAY behind.

If you’re not a Sales Executive, you still have goals, don’t you? If yes – how are you performing against those goals? If no – you need to come up with clarity. QUICKLY.

Objectives must be clear. Goals must be attainable. Communication is vital.

What I want to do is work directly, one-on-one, with you. Here’s what we’ll do together:

  • To get started, we work together on your Diagnostic Questionnaire. Do you want a lifestyle business? Do you have a mission? Is there a plan? How are you performing against your goals? Are your goals clear? Now is the time – starting the Second Quarter of the year – and together we’ll get the questionnaire filled out.
  • Next – our one-on-one coaching session, for one whole hour. About you. These sessions work great to go through your goal-setting, to make sure you know what you want to accomplish – and to begin the action plan for getting there.
  • Have you noticed that we have yet to really talk about marketing? The most important thing here is mindset. Getting your objectives and your goals clear so you can focus on what to do next
  • As for what comes next: Your Marketing Action Plan. Clarity around your goals and objectives gives us the opportunity to put together a customized plan for success.
  • Finally, another one-hour coaching session two weeks after the first one, where we check back and figure out what’s next. Can you put the Marketing Action Plan in place? What’s getting in your way – and what are the barriers that we can help you get past?

I’m not going to tell you this is an incredible value – thousands of dollars of coaching, training, consulting and one-on-one time. I’m only going to ask you if you’re ready. For the Marketing Action Plan, for the personalized attention, and for the next step in your business.

If you’re ready…

“With this training, Dave will be giving you what you need to get laser-focused in this economy – and get you ready to take your business, whatever it is, to the next level. This whole package is a tremendous value!” Terri Armstrong, Certified Nutrition Consultant,

How Much?

Here’s where you’re benefiting from my experience – and what I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey – but not having your pocketbook crippled in the process.

The Price

Let’s cut to the chase: $297. Tremendous value – for about the cost of your typical one-day seminar. And the training is one-on-one – Dave’s on this journey with you.

How to get started…


As I mentioned, I get rolling on a new top-secret assignment in early April. These slots will fill up quick. Don’t delay.