Social Media Institute Names Top 25 Most Powerful Marketers

Another list? Yes: this list of the Top 25 Most Powerful Marketers is hot off the presses.

This is an experiment. We’re coming up with an entirely subjective list, and we’re doing so just for the linkbait. Let’s see if anyone takes this seriously.

We’re midway through 2013, and it’s time to see who are the most powerful marketers, according to the Social Media Institute*.

This list was created using a proprietary formula, taking into account Twitter and Facebook presence, as well as a “Concentric Circle Measurement” that factors in things like positivity and reach.

Here’s the July 1 ranking, created by the Social Media Institute.

Top 25 Social Media Marketers.

25. Jason Falls

Jason Falls is currently the VP of Digital Strategy at CafePress, and he blogs at Social Media Explorer.

24. Michael Stelzner

Michael is the guy behind Social Media Examiner.

23. Scott Stratten

Have you heard UnMarketing speak? Read his books? Certainly you’ve seen him on Twitter!

22. Shelly Kramer

Shelly runs a shop called V3 in Kansas City.

21. Sam Fiorella

He has a book called Influence Marketing, with the guy listed below…

20. Danny Brown

Danny is part of ArCompany, and blogs at Danny Brown.

19. Olivier Blanchard

Olivier is considered one of the sharpest marketers out there, and his site is called The Brand Builder.

18. David Armano

Works at Edelman as EVP of Digital.

17. DJ Waldow

Wrote a book with Jason Falls (#25, above) AND runs a firm called Waldow Social.

16. Amber Naslund

Amber is part of the team behind Sidera Works.

15. Christopher Penn

Christopher works at Shift, a PR firm. Don’t confuse them with the Shift platform.

14. Chris Brogan

Chris just appears to be everywhere. President of Human Business Works.

13. Gary Vaynerchuk

First he created Wine Library TV, then he launched a multimedia empire.

12. Sean McGinnis

Before starting at Sears, Sean was in charge of 312 Digital. They have a really powerful post on Link Building.

11. Marjorie Clayman

Marjorie works for the family business – Clayman Marketing Communications.

10. Jason Konopinski

Jason has a great blog and podcast.

9. Ken Mueller

Ken is part of the team at Inkling Media.

8. Mitch Joel

One of the most influential authorities on blog marketing, Mitch also has a new book out.

7. Seth Godin

Can’t say enough about Seth Godin.

6. Jay Thompson

Jay works at Zillow, and was formerly the Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

5. Dave Van de Walle

Dave Van de Walle

Dave Van de Walle, Marketing Coach

Dave is the author of a book on real estate social media, and is Managing Principal of Area 224.

4. Pete Cashmore

Created Mashable.

3. Ev Williams

Created Twitter.

2. Mark Zuckerberg

Created Facebook.

1. Jack Jones, America’s Social Media Consultant

A legend in his own mind.

So, what do you think…should you take lists like this seriously? Do you know they’re entirely written for linkbait? Are you in on the joke?

This is a subjective list – even though the list avoided first-person pronouns, it’s still one guy’s opinion. Clever, no?

By the way…

Dave from Area 224 is working on another launch – Metasip. Real wine, beer, and spirits reviews by real people.

*- Last we checked, there is no Social Media Institute.

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  1. There is no SMI? What a glaring oversight. Thanks, I think, for the inclusion in your fine piece of experimental linkbait!

  2. Ha!!!

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