Mobile Is Killing Your Business

Snap decisions on the mobile web will leave you in the dust. Unless…

I will admit 100% that, up until three weeks ago, I wasn’t aware of the impact mobile was having on my site.

Sure, I had visited my site on an iPhone, and was in love with how it looked on an iPad. What changed?

Samsung Galaxy S


I got a new phone – and I started to act like a prospect.

The old way, for me, was to access content – mine and other sites’ – through the Blackberry, or while on my PC. I wasn’t focusing on mobile access as much as I was focusing on delivering content that helped my readers, my community, to understand the ways that new media, social media and digital media can help their business.

The Samsung Galaxy S acts like an iPhone – but on the Android marketplace – and, as a result, sometimes you have to use your fingers to make things bigger, smaller, scroll right, scroll left.

This is beyond annoying when you are visiting someone’s blog. Moving your fingers back and forth and back again, because something takes up too much of the page? That’s the opposite of epic.

And, if you’re going to argue that people aren’t using their mobiles to surf…

Stats from Facebook: There are 200 Million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.

That means, with 500 Million users, 40% of them are going mobile.

Fine – but what REALLY does this mean for you if you are using content to market your business?

If you rely on CONTENT to do your marketing – you need to make a decision: are you prepared to lose prospects?

Don’t get me wrong – look and feel of your site is absolutely vital, and, if stats from Mighty Facebook are any indication, you will still have 60% of people visiting your website from a PC or Mac.

Seconds count. Milliseconds count. Is your site prepared for mobile visitors?

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Visitors

We have said this time and again – for anyone and everyone, doesn’t matter the business, and doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in. If you’re going to put together a website, the best thing you can do is start with WordPress on your own domain.

This is Lesson Seven in our 12 Minute Marketing Journey. Semi-shameless plug here.

We have actually been testing two WordPress plugins that will optimize your site for mobile visitors — the one we use here is Mobile Press, and, on our 12 Minute Marketing site, we use WP Mobile.

The score here is that these plugins serve up your site for the visitor after detecting what type of browser they are on.

It’s okay if you missed the mobile boat – we missed the boat the first time around. We will not miss the boat again.

Are you prepared to let mobile kill your business?

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