Contact Area 224

Area 224 helps brands tell better stories, online and off, through strategic communications and social media marketing.  We’re part of StraterEdge Consulting, LLC.

Area 224 is located in Evanston, Illinois, USA. The name? It comes from the mystical-sounding overlay area code in Chicago’s North Shore.

Our general email box is – we respond within 24 hours to all legitimate and realistic requests.

You can connect with Dave Van de Walle frin Area 224 on a variety of social sites, like Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn – we rarely turn down a request to connect.

If you want to call us, hit us up here:

Okay, we know you have questions beyond just how to contact us. Like, who are you folks and what do you do? Really?

If you don’t have enough from the rest of the site, here’s a little bit more:

Area 224 is not a PR firm. We can write press releases – what most people think of when they think “PR firm.” If you want us to write a press release for you, use that button above and call us. Reasonable rates apply, including the possibility that we might just turn down the opportunity. Because:

Business Strategy FIRST. Again, why are you in business? What do you want to get out of life — global market domination, a lifestyle business, travel to exotic lands? Your business strategy should help you do whatever it is you want.

Then let’s figure out what to market, what to communicate. And how to do it, if at all.

So, are you guys an Agency? Consultants? Coaches? Bloody good question, along with the one that asks “is it ‘Area 224 are'” or ‘Area 224 is?'” We have yet to totally answer any of these questions – we’ve turned down business because it didn’t make sense, so it’s all about those intangibles. Gut feel, type of business, type of project, whether we’d want to have a beer together.

So that settles it. You should call us, and it’s uber-easy because of the Google Thingy above. What are you waiting for?