3 to Follow – A Friday Alternative Centered Around Nichification

Hey! Today, Area 224 decides it might be cool to pick out three Twitter folks to follow – and we’re using some different criteria. It seems like everyone’s list of Friday Follows goes a little something like this: Someone with mass appeal. Someone who tweeted with us once and is still on a list. And […]

Whither Rick Sanchez (on Twitter)?

Rick Sanchez on Twitter

He’s Back? We’re trying to get to the bottom of a developing story here at Area 224 HQ. Much has been made of Rick Sanchez and his hasty departure from CNN; rather than discuss what was said, what was meant, or whether or not Jon Stewart is cool, we’d rather look at Rick’s Twitter Page. […]

A Clever Use of Twitter by a Chicago Radio Station

!101 on Twitter

Trying to figure out how to use Twitter? Here’s an example from Chicago’s Q101. One buzzword that seems to have taken over Corporate America is “engagement.” “Let’s engage our customers in new and exciting ways.” Sounds trite, and can also sound a little lame if you have no clue what engagement means to you – […]

The “Real Business” Question for Twitter

So there I was, minding my web business, and I saw a headline that really grabbed me: “Can Twitter’s new CEO turn the company into a real business?” The article — from the always dependable Venture Beat — got me asking a question: Could you define “Real Business,” please? First, let’s use the BUZZWORD test. […]

How to REALLY Set Your Social Media Strategy

Does your Social Media Strategy include the words “Social Media?” One of our favorite pages of late is on Facebook, and it’s entitled “What the — is your social media strategy?” Brilliant! The premise is something like this: post ridiculous corporate speak in the form of social media strategy treatises. Most of them sound something […]

Focus on 3 Things for Social Media Optimization

We are often asked how and where to start for Social Media “Optimization” – We Suggest these 3 Things… Consistency. It’s important to be consistent with where you spend your Social Media time, and how you look on the social web. If people know to find you, your company, your product or your brand sharing […]

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