Revolutions vs. Resolutions

Here’s the question: are you going to do something “Revolutionary” in the New Year? First Work Day of 2011. Lists, Best Of, How Tos. Maybe there’s a self-help book or three waiting for you. Maybe you’ve downloaded some e-books and you can’t wait to get started. Or Maybe You Shouldn’t Get Started On The Same […]

Why Life Doesn’t Suck

The economy blows. Job seekers find no one is hiring. Small shops like Area 224 keep plowing along, trying to get past the roadblocks. But Life Doesn’t Suck. Really. It Doesn’t. I, for one, am taking stock in a year full of new business relationships, enhanced connections, hatchets buried. Skills sharpened. We all know someone […]

Why Are We Doing This Again?

Spending the balance of the year posting items that didn’t make it out of our “Drafts” folder. You’ll thank us later. You are not alone in hating busy work. Busy work is not cool, a real downer, very unhip. We had great dialogue recently with a guy named Mike Cassidy, also known as Membership Jedi.  […]

Two Easy Tips for Gathering Web Intel

Gathering Intelligence – Intel – On Your Site, Your Competitors and Your Clients? Easy with this 1-2 punch – we just shared it with attendees on our “Underground Strategies” webinar… 1. You can, admittedly, drown in analytics. Google Analytics can tell you a ton about your own site – and, with all the monitoring […]

Attention Realtors: Lots of You Don’t ‘Get It’

Ross Hair

There’s hope, though – SMM Camp 6. Here’s more: We like niche-focused events that help you learn something. We especially like them when the value that’s given is so over the top that it’s well-worth your time.   Ross Hair and SMM Camp promise to deliver all that tomorrow, December 9, 2010, with a special […] – We Have Some Questions…

Hubspot Grade for DecorMyEyes

For the most part, we find the tools from indispensable. BUT… If you’ve read the New York Times piece on Decor My Eyes – here’s a link to this frightening SEO tale – you know that there’s an eyewear provider who was able to leverage bad publicity into good search juice. And, if you’ve […]

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