Stick a Fork in Negativity

Fork In Road

Dave from Area 224 is on a break…from Facebook. AND… I’m on a break from negativity, too. In fact, I want to stick a fork in it. Because…It’s done. Really, though, you can listen to outside forces that tell you everything sucks, or you can choose to ignore those outside forces entirely, and move the […]

Metrics Don’t Matter

Bloomberg Businessweek Cover

In typical Area 224 style, a whipsaw title followed by some unexpected takeaways. I received the latest Bloomberg Businessweek over the weekend, and, when I saw the cover (photo over there), I figured this was going to be an article worth reading. It was. The article is called “Everywhere Sports Profit Network,” penned by Karl […]

Stop. The. Humblebragging.


Humblebragging is a new name for an old idea: sounding “humble” while you’re actually “bragging.” It needs to stop. Welcome to another blog post that will get me unfriended. (You know about unfriending – when you’re “friends” with someone on Facebook and then, all of a sudden, you’re not friends anymore.) Social Media is the […]

Your Fill In The Blanks Social Media Bandwagon Blog Post

Joyous Social Media Users

Last year? Quora. This year? Pinterest. What’s Next? Doesn’t Matter: All you have to do is copy and paste what’s here, and fill in the blanks once the next new thing arrives. You’re welcome. There’s no question that [BLANK] is the hottest thing going in social media right now. After its launch [6 MONTHS AGO, […]

How to Learn PR from Pinterest, Downton Abbey and Susan G Komen

Pink Car

What a week, huh? If you haven’t been paying attention, you missed a ton. Here’s a recap. Oh, and spin on over to New Frugality to take a look at a cool side project that Dave’s part of. 1. Pinterest is officially huge – and possibly overrated. Heard about Pinterest yet? Well, we don’t wanna […]

Clout Can’t Be Measured, Can It?

Iron Fist

  In the midst of launches, re-launches, business development and general “blinders on” focus on work, the following article from this past Sunday’s Chicago Tribune caught our eye at Area 224.   Chicago Tribune Klout Story. Ah, rankings. Especially squishy rankings that tell squishier stories – such as who is more “influential.” Who has more […]

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