Metrics Don’t Matter

Bloomberg Businessweek Cover

In typical Area 224 style, a whipsaw title followed by some unexpected takeaways. I received the latest Bloomberg Businessweek over the weekend, and, when I saw the cover (photo over there), I figured this was going to be an article worth reading. It was. The article is called “Everywhere Sports Profit Network,” penned by Karl […]

Don’t Believe The Hashtag

Chuck D

Not all hashtags are created equal. One of my favorite sayings is one of my own, probably stolen from somewhere: “the answer is always somewhere in the middle.” Another saying that we’re twisting a little is one from Chuck D: “Don’t believe the hype.” How do the twain come together, and support the premise that […]

Real Work Takes Time

Real Work Takes Time

New to this site? We’d love for you to check out our book: Six Biggest Mistakes. The payoff of your online efforts is proportional to the amount of effort that goes into it. Spend an hour working on your link-building, and get a few people to visit your site. Spend some spare time on launching […]

It’s EBook Week Here at Headquarters

Act Now

Last week, we were all over Amazon. This week, we’re launching not one…not two…but three different EBooks. We’ve thought of ourselves here at Area 224 Headquarters as something in-between. Not really an Internet Marketing shop. Not totally a Corporate Communications firm, either. But, being in the middle of both things is pretty cool, we think […]

If You’re Gonna Hand Out A Business Card…

Dave Business Card Front

New Here? Why not download a free book. Social Media for First Graders. Yes, I did it. I was at a lunch meeting and, at the tail end, I gave the other party a business card. A card that looked something like this one: Now, with the advancement of technology, with mobile phones and iPads […]

Internet Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing


Hi. If you’re new here, be sure to learn more about our FORWARD:MARCH program, with private coaching starting March 1 and webinars kicking in on March 6. We have often said that the work we do here at Area 224 – and the 12 Minute Marketing program we launched last year – has been at […]

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