9 Quick Tips for Small Business: Use Social Media Marketing to Make Some Noise

Okay, you’ve got a small business, or you’re thinking of going into work for yourself. Or you’ve just left Corporate America and you’re figuring out what’s next.

Here are 9 Quick Tips on how to start using Social Media Marketing (and Web Marketing and Internet Marketing) to Make Some Noise!

  1. See if your business name or your own name are available on Namechk. Don’t focus on getting all of your names, but do get the big ones.
  2. While you’re at it, don’t ignore your own name — if you have a business, you’ll want to nab your personal space in case you need it later. If you are a sole practitioner — like you’re in Real Estate — you’ll want to use your own name instead of a business name.
  3. Twitter: it might scare you, it might seem like a ton of work, it might seem like everyone is saying stuff like “I am eating soup right now.” Don’t worry about using Twitter as anything other than a conversation engine, and spend some time using it before you even ask for the sale. If ever.
  4. Do you have a web page? Do you have a blog? How about both at the same time. We recommend WordPress. It’s easy to use, and, even though it’s a blogging platform, it’s also a Content Management System, or CMS.
  5. Video is a great way to simply, effectively and inexpensively tell a story. If you don’t have an expensive video camera, use a Flip. Video yourself talking about your business, make it two minutes or less, and post it to YouTube. AND post it to Metacafe. Why them? See item 6.
  6. Metacafe rules when it comes to getting your video actually seen. Keywords and metatags and all that — it’s the number two site in the US for video sharing.
  7. Start collecting email addresses in the most ethical way possible: use a service like aWeber. Double opt-in is direct marketing lingo for asking your permission, then sending you a note double-checking on that permission before sending a marketing message. Better than Constant Contact, in our opinion.
  8. Blogging is great. But be sure to take time to comment on others’ blogs. Don’t sell people stuff — just find something you agree with or disagree with in the post, and make a comment about it. Spend 10 minutes a day doing this and it will pay dividends.
  9. Remember, it’s not hours: it’s output. It’s not about efficiency, it’s about effectiveness.

Go get em!

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  1. This is a really useful selection of information especially the Namechk tip, that’s a new one to me.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      Yes, namechk does good work – but I think the key here is to find your name and take ownership of it wherever you can.


  2. I have been using http://knowem.com over namechk.com – almost 3x’s the amount of sites, a great paid option and also more accurate.

  3. Nice primer, Dave.

    Robert is right on about knowem. The paid option is a real no-brainer.

    For those who wish to delve a little deeper in the muck, here is a great piece on how to build a DIY social media business intelligence engine: http://bit.ly/wrd7v

    Know the lay of the land before you commit your resources…:)

    • Thanks, Jim…

      BTW, for those fearful of bit.ly and other types of shortened links – this one is from Read Write Web, which always does good work. In this case, there’s a picture of the Swedish Chef – making it a must-read article.

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